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Tuesday, 31 January, 2012

Web Development Company located at Delhi NCR. It provides PHP Development, CRM and HRM Application, E-Commerce and SEO Service at Inexpensive fee

Business website is a face of your company to the world. Traditional ways of business localize your market to certain geographical area. Adding website can give new dimension to your organization with connecting globally.

Step 1: Research Work and Collect Information

a. Identify and analyze competitors

Make a list of all competitors and there online presence. Prepare chart and Analyze their online activity such as Pay Per Click promotion, Search Engine Optimization activity, Social Media Marketing, Article or blog marketing etc.

b. Prepare bullet point and blue print for content and feature

Pen down blue print of your website wire frame but keep your mind open for any new idea. List all Points that needed attention such as your budget, concept behind development, Objective, Time line etc.

c. Write down content and information that you want to publish

On the basis of your researches, concept and business model and write down content for each page. Never copy content from other website always use 100% original text.

d. Collect and sort list all images according to preferences

If any  coming image or snap should be published so in that case collect image from company archive and sort list according to their importance and preference. Each image should content brief description to understand it important.

Step 2: Associate with Web Development Company

a. Sort list and select any one Company or Website developer

As you are not web Development Company so it is good idea to outsource your project. Prepare list of the company and identify company which has good record with client and project development.

b. Prepare service agreement for pre and post development Phase

Point out all service required from company and negotiates on it.  All type of document, service agreement and support committed during pre sales discussion.

c. Work with developers for best output

Monitor progress of development. Your regular feedback can helps in achieving your objective. But be concise about over interfering into project development.

d. Get Feedback on beta version before release

Before going live release a temporary links to your employee, stakeholder, friends etc. and ask for feedback. Go through all feedback and make changes that are required.


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