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Monday 15 October, 2012

Successful E-Commerce Website Development Essential Point

E-commerce website development preparation demands tactical planning taking into account the precise requirements of the industry .The evaluation of the exact supplies needs to be made and a useful design plan desires to be created. Database configuration and the hosting supplies are fundamental parts to e- commerce web development service. SEO open web design is vital so as to improve the website's visibility. Other vital development services include online shopping cart and payment gateway combination which will help in proper managing of the e-trading website.

E-commerce website Development

While indulging in E-commerce website development, it is essential that you as well as the web developers keep all these point in consideration as these will ensure better results and higher growth rate for business.

E-commerce website development used to be all about the shopping cart, but today's Internet capitalist needs much more than a simple order system on his website. Developing a doing well e-commerce website demands an integrated front and back end that allows you and your employees to track orders, compile clients order and easily update every single page on your website. While there are many e-commerce website available, if you want your website to stand out between the cookie-cutter sites on the Web, you need efficiently developed e-commerce website that includes all of the elements you need to run your business.

Most exciting prospects in field of website development are that you can exponentially add to sales by making small site adjustments and avoiding common website blunders. A successful E-commerce website can achieve millions of public all around the world. This strengthens the online presence of a group. E-commerce websites support an outsized number of features.

Friday 22 June, 2012

Begin Selling Online with Our E-commerce Website Solution

Flieger India is specialized in developing search engines which are friendly, high quality e-commerce websites that look great, trouble-free to manage and reasonable. At Flieger India each E-commerce website is custom designed after accepting client’s individual necessities and product profile for better selling experience on the site.

Website design experts Flieger India have done the unbreakable work for you by compiling all of the tools you need to sell online into one search engine friendly E-commerce website design  solution.

Flieger India user-friendly E-commerce gives you the command to start, raise and manage your online business with easiness.

Why you should prefer Flieger India?


Unlike other e-commerce design company, we at Flieger India offer design solutions that relates to the creation and demand to the potential E-commerce site customers. Our website designers are experts in designing E-commerce websites and assure to effort on the designs till the time you are entirely pleased with the results.


Once the website is formed, it is totally granted to you. There are no monthly charges or fees that you need to pay after the e-commerce site has been completely designed and developed. We put in first few products for demo to direct you so that you can further manage with the website and to remove your further queries.


The means to achievement of any E-commerce website is how simple is to work the backend of the website, may it running instructions, updating order position or adding new products to the website. Our main concern is to focus on the development of such e-commerce websites which will need very little effort to control and that to no specific technicians are required for controlling such websites.


We apply most recent coding practices in developing E-commerce websites that help search engines to simply crawl and index pages. Search engine responsive E-commerce websites also helps in lowering the cost of online marketing and give better return on your E-commerce marketing budgets.


Flieger India e-commerce website is the crucial turnkey website clarification designed to get your business online with practically no attempt on your part. Your e-commerce website package comes with everything you need.

Wednesday 13 June, 2012

The Right Way to Choose a Good ecommerce Development Company

Day by day increasing popularity of internet market has opened various doors to invite visitors to improve their knowledge with informative websites or shop online to save money plus time. As everyone is now busy in their hectic life schedule and has no time to visit market, so most of the people avoid visiting market and choosing a product or services. Numbers of people prefer to visit online and choose any service or product. Now most of the businesses are available online and new or small business are looking a company that can make their dream come true.

Increasing demand of websites has raised competition, but as a customer, never forget to choose a good ecommerce development company. However there are many which can make you confused to use their cheap services but there are some important factors to consider before choosing any one.

Factors to consider before choosing a web design and Development Company
• The company you are choosing should have respect in market and some experience in same industry. Choosing a well known company is always better whether you are new or know technicalities. An experienced company will provide quality services and guide for same.
• Look what services it is providing such as website development, redesigning, content improvement, ecommerce, web hosting, etc. if it has experience in all these services and they are offering them at reasonable price then it could be your choice. But it’s always better to have more than one option while choosing a firm for web design and development. This way you will be able to compare them and choose the best one easily.
• After confirming above given things you can discuss with their representative about your requirement and ask for quote. If you are finding it good enough to handle your work then consider price and choose the affordable one.

Above given factors will help your to choose the prefect  web development company for your website design and development. Just keep your eyes and ears wide open while considering them.

Thursday 7 June, 2012

Technical Requirement to Start Online Store

In current scenario many online store are launching or re launching with huge investment. At a same time few small players are also getting into market with their own set of USP. Hype is created all-around about the potential of e-commerce market. Small player consider big player as a threat due to their aggressive marketing and branding. But reality is that only 0.5% market has been explored, real market potential is still to tapped. So there is a huge space for everyone in online business.

Other major concern among small investor is how much to invest in technical requirement for website. Big investor invest hug amount in technical infrastructure. There is also other option are also available to start low cost.

For proper functioning of e-commerce website following are requirement:

a. Development of E- Commerce Portal: 

Development cost can be of any figure depending on Scope of work, technology, feature, service level agreement etc. At starting phase our main concern should be our uniquely designed and proper functioning website. Magento can be a best option to start your online business. It is an open source online shopping framework. This platform is equipped with all features required. Best part of this open source is its code can be customized and used as per requirement.

Recommended Company: Flieger India

b. Server For Hosting:

Hosting is required for making website live on internet. Its performance is very important for pleasant end user experience. Investment on this infrastructure is also can be of no limit. In starting phase you cannot expect huge traffic. To maintain descent website performance you can outsource hosting to any reputed third part service provider. In this case VPS can be good option to start and gradually upgrade it as traffic increases.

Recommended Company: Hostgator (VPS Level 3), Godaddy

c. Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is required for making payment for purchase through website. Numbers gateway service providers are available in market. Select one of them with good reputation and reviews.

Recommended Company in India: CCAVENUE, EBS

Friday 25 May, 2012

ASP Dot Net Technology for E-commerce Developments

What is the e-commerce website?

E-commerce websites are the online virtual market places where visitors purchase a product or services. All transactions take place over the internet. Website should be integrated with online payment option. There are two types of the ecommerce development India .


“B2B" is a shortened from of “Business to Business”. B2B communication mainly targets companies and other Business entity. Some example of b2b websites is Company Web sites, Product distribution and procurement exchanges, specialized industry portals, Brokering sites and Information websites.


“B2C” is a shortened from of "Business to Customer". B2C communication directly targets to consumer and provides an online platform for purchasing goods or services. Some example of b2c websites is the Railway reservation portal, online shopping portal, book store, etc.

What is ASP Dot Net?

It is a Microsoft server-side technology. ASP Dot Net can be considered as the next generation of ASP. It is complete new version. It is a complete programming framework used for developing enterprise web applications.

Reasons to consider ASP Dot Net for E-commerce portal development:

a. Simple coding structure: Compact programming reduces Web Development Company effort.

b. High level of security: Source code is hidden from the web browser, which makes application secure. Data transfer over the internet is in encrypted format.

c. Ability to handle heavy traffic: Huge number of the user can access the application data time.

d. Stable technology: ASP web application is developed for running in complex environment.

e. Microsoft reliable supports: No one is there to take responsibility for the open-source server side language. However, ASP developer works under Microsoft's quality support.

f. Communication with a client: Smoothly communicate with a client side language such as the HTML, java script.

g. Browser compatibility: Website or web Application developed using ASP technology is compatible with all internet browsers.

h. Database connectivity: Data can be viewed and updated in real time.

i. Application testing: Easy to Test and Debug.

j. Extendibility: Easily add functionality to an existing application.

Thursday 24 May, 2012

How to choose a perfect web design company?

You can be confused while making decision which web development company to choose? This is obvious when you have lots of choices. As nowadays numerous web design and development companies are available in the market. From small to huge every company is assuring about their quality service, but the question remains same, which one to choose.

Yes, choosing right company is difficult but not impossible. You just need to keep some important points in mind while choosing the company.

Reputed and experienced company— While searching the best company, look for reputed and experienced one. When you will search over internet you will find numerous companies.

You can look for some top companies in your local area. For example if you live in Delhi then you can search for ‘Web Design Company Delhi’. This way you will be able to find out some top reputed companies in your near location.

list out top five companies out of them then check reputation of those companies. Try to know everything about them. For example, what types of design and development services they are providing, how many satisfied customers they have, etc.

Choose a company which has many satisfied customers and years of experience. In case of new company then you can read their users testimonials to know about them.

Expertise— It might possible that you have chosen a reputed and experienced company, but not on the platform on which you want to develop your website. So, while doing research you need to ensure about their expertise on the platform. As there are many options such as Joomla, WordPress, PHP and many others, every user’s requirement is different and one can choose any platform for his/ her website.

It’s important to ask and consult with the company about your requirement. If they have expertise on the same for example you are looking for online shopping or business website then search for ecommerce development company. You can ask for some sample work. It will help you to know their quality work.

Budget— It depends on website requirement and many other factors so first tell them your needs and ask for their quotes. Choose a company which is providing quality services at affordable price.

When you will consider above given points, you will easily find out the best web design company.

Wednesday 15 February, 2012

Part 1 : Why Business Need a Website

1. Why Business Need a Website-: 

Globally massive number of people were access the Internet.  Whatever your business is but people are more important. Even if you just handling business within your group, you want to let people in that group, know that you are interested in serving them in any way possible. Compete your opponents before they do it.

2. Points to be taken care while Developing a Website -: 

a. Define Business Objectives:- There are many reasons for building a web page but it is significant that your goals are clear. Your objectives should force the content and the design of your site. Many people make home pages as a diversion, purely for their own personal development. Others make them to promote business, social, intellectual, civilized, or business objectives.

b. Designing Your Own Frame Work-: Design a framework is a broad responsibility. These are many considerations to be addressed by the design. Using an effective design suggest the differentiation among success or failure on a development project.

c. Purchasing of Domain-: A "domain name" an identifier that helps direct Internet users towards the websites they are looking for. You will identify domain names as the parts of a web address that ends in .com, .org, .net and other suffixes.

Hiring Website Design Company -:

Flieger India is a specialized web design company with highly skilled professionals to provide cutting edge web design solutions to its clients. Flieger India specializes in web design and development of highly intuitive and professional websites for business organizations. We believe in walking with our clients at every step during the journey of development and success of their business. Feel free to write to our team for hiring among the best web design company in India.